Image of FUN BAGS!

Introducing a limited run of FUN BAGS!

Reclaiming this name with a limited run of boob pouches using reclaimed leather and trims. Inspired by the free the nipple movement and all the boob accessories and paraphernalia out there, I decided to get back to my AW roots and do some reclaiming!

Get your FUN BAGS in time for GoTopless Day / Women's Equality Day, Aug 26th!

+ Light leather is a raw deer hide, this untreated leather will beautifully patina over time.
+ Dark leather is a cowhide leather with a nice smooth finish.
+ YKK zipper, antique brass - unused and reclaimed from a local leather factory

7" width
6" length

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AW by Andrea Wong is influenced by the beautiful surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. We use authentically sourced natural materials and whenever possible incorporate reclaimed elements. AW items are made to look better the more you use them.

All AW items are made in our studio, between the mountains and the ocean in Vancouver, Canada.

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Image of FUN BAGS! Image of FUN BAGS! Image of FUN BAGS! Image of FUN BAGS!